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Competition Nautic Shooting Belt




  • 45 mm wide nylon webbing
  • Fastened with genuine AustriAlpin Cobra® Nautic buckle that is resistant to rust and salt
  • Lined with Velcro® loop,

Competition Nautic Shooting Belt is one of our basic, 45 mm wide range belts. With a partially stiffened construction it allows a stable carry of a holster with a pistol, as well as ammo pouches, med kits, and accessory items. Loop lining allows combination of the belt with an additional inner belt for stability during use. The belt is fastened with a genuine Cobra® Nautic buckle; the buckle is not only resistant to salt, dust, and debris, but is also much flatter than other Cobra® buckles, making it much more comfortable, even during prolonged use. What’s more, the Nautic belt is a perfect choice for any modular belt sleeve.


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