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Covert M-65 Jacket




  • Detachable pocket that can be used as a fanny pack
  • Inner pockets for magazines
  • Outer hip pockets that can be used as dump pouches
  • Hood hidden in the collar
  • Fastened with Canadian buttons and a “break-away” zipper
  • Made of durable DuraCanvasĀ® fabric

Covert M65 Jacket is a modern field jacket based on the iconic M65 pattern. It will be perfect for covert operations when discretion and unconventional methods of work are important. Equipped with functional outer pockets, it allows you to conveniently carry items necessary for performance and self-defense. Thanks to the use of a durable DuraCanvasĀ® fabric it will also be an excellent choice for everyday use, especially in the autumn and winter period, when it will protect the user from light rain and wind.A unique patent used in the M65 jacket is a pocket that can be detached and used as a separate fanny pack for documents or a phone. Inside, symmetrically on the left and the right side, there are pockets for magazines. The two outer pockets on the sides can serve as improvised dump pouches.This classic military jacket has been additionally reinforced in places exposed to damage and equipped with a hood hidden in the collar. The front is fastened with strong Canadian buttons and a “break-away” zipper which allows immediate unfastening of the jacket.


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