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Firefly Low Vis Belt Sleeve




  • Made of proprietary laminate,
  • Stiffened, slim, low profile construction,
  • Velcro® velour lining for compatibility with DIRECT ACTION® Inner Belt,
  • Fixed, elastic pouches for carbine/smg mags, pistol mags, radio, TQ and first aid kit,
  • Compatible with OWB holsters with paddle/belt loop mounting option,
  • Fits any 45 mm belt.

The FIREFLY® low vis belt sleeve is designed either as an addition to the HELLCAT® plate carrier or as a stand-alone item. Made especially as a slick platform for undercover or covert use, it can also be carried as an outer belt sleeve in places, where the risk of snagging must be as low as possible, e.g. in very tight places like busses, trains etc. Stiffened, yet very slim, it’s designated to be mounted on any 45 mm belt. The FIREFLY® has fixed, elastic pouches for pistol and carbine mags on the left side, a radio pouch on right (can also be used for additional carbine magazine), a first aid kit pocket on the back, and a TQ pouch on right. Additionally, on the right side of the sleeve, there is a possibility to attach an OWB (outside the waistband) pistol holster, either via popular paddle-style, or belt loops. The FIREFLY® is compatible with our inner belt thanks to its Velcro® velour lining. The profiled construction makes the belt comfortable even during prolonged wear in vehicles.



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