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Greyman Shirt




  • Buttoned
  • Two classic chest pockets
  • Hidden inner pocket
  • Integrated glasses wipe on inner side
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

A Greyman, as the name implies, is a person that can easily blend into the crowd. The perfect operator should be considered a greyman, being able to avoid detection even when surrounded by other people. The Plaid pattern provides not only elegance, but also a low profile look, a necessity during covert urban operations. A classic look with buttoned chest pockets, buttoned front and as well as buttoned sleeves will help you blend into the crowd whenever you need. For your essential EDC items the shirt has a hidden, internal zippered pocket, and another hidden, yet useful feature is a swatch of special cloth for cleaning glasses which is integrated into one of the shirt’s sides. All of these make the Greyman Shirt a perfect choice either for covert operations or for everyday, civilian use.


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