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Low Profile Baton Pouch




  • Elastic, semi rigid construction made of proprietary laminate and elastic webbing,
  • Fits most popular batons
  • Mounts directly to any 45 mm belt; can be mounted or removed even with your belt on
  • Flat profile to help avoid any snagging while working in close quarters.

The Low Profile Baton Pouch is another pouch in our Low Profile Kit. Thanks to our pouch you are able to carry standard sized baton under your clothing without the risk of any printing or loosing during rapid movements. Mostly elastic, partially rigid construction provide fast drawing of the baton, while integrated pull tabs gives you the possibility of easy re-holstering. The small hole in the bottom of the pouch allows you rapid re-holstering with the baton partially or fully extended. The pouch is always very flat, both with or without baton – it has almost same thickness as the item you are carrying. Our new, velcro based system of belt mounting gives you the possibility to put on or remove the pouches from the belt whenever you want.



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