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Warhawk Modular Belt




  • Made of rigid, thickly woven 45 mm wide webbing
  • certified AustriAlpin® Cobra® D-Ring
  • Lined with Velcro® loop
  • Partly stiffened for more stable carrying of pouches, holsters etc.

WARHAWK® Modular Rescue/Gun Belt is a new version of our standard WARHAWK® belt. The two major changes compared to the classic models are the use of AustriAlpin® Cobra D-Ring buckle and also a minimalistic modular system on its surface. Even though the belt is still 45 mm wide, we were able to place a specially designed system that works the same way as traditional 2 rows of MOLLE/ PALS webbing. Thanks to that, you are able to mount on one belt not only the holster, but also any modular or belt mountable pouch. This makes the WARHAWK® Modular a perfect choice for anyone who wants modularity, but at the same time don’t want a large, bulky belt sleeves.



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