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White Mountain Woolen Lodge Twin Blanket

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


We now have an 80% recycled wool Lodge Blanket! The second product in our White Mountain Collection, this blanket has all the same features and qualities as the original White Mountain Woolen Camp Blanket with a higher recycled wool content and bigger size. This collection comes in buffalo plaid and solid colorways. Use this for hiking, camping, tailgating, fishing, going for a picnic, you name it! Being made up of recycled wool this product has fire-resistant properties so you don’t have to worry about the annoying burn holes from sitting at a fire. Bring this to camp and throw it on your bunk bed for a cozy night of sleep! Size: 65in x 90in, about normal twin blanket size.

  • Fiber Content: 80% Recycled Wool, 20% Recycled Man-Made Fibers
  • Woven
  • Total Easy Care: Machine Wash and Dry
  • Imported.
  • Buffalo Plaid: Classic colors
  • Solid Colors
  • Size: 65in x 90in, about normal twin blanket size
  • Weight: 4.5lbs
  • Style #: W02
  • Ideal Seasons: Spring, Fall, Winter
  • Activities: Everyday, Hiking, Camping
  • Machine Wash Cold: Gentle cycle with like colors
  • Detergent: Mild or wool-specific
  • Lie Flat to Dry
  • Storage: Place in an airtight container when not in use for long periods of time
  • Do NOT Use: Fabric softener or bleach!



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