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Emerair’s – Emergency Bag For Advance Life Support (ALS)




Weight (approx) 4,34 kg
Dimensions (approx) 23,5 × 30 × 56,5 cm
Capacity (Liters) (approx) 35.25
Recommended maximum content (Kg) 15.00
  • Reinforced rubber ergonomic top and side handles.
  • Large, easy-open zip tabs with reflective night & day bands.
  • Oxygen tube grommet for on-the-go provision.
  • Large capacity transparent front pocket.
  • Internal fold-out central leaf, featuring 8 elastic straps on one side and a large mesh pocket on the other.
  • Velcro straps to secure an oxygen cylinder.
  • Five transparent fronted, colour coded removable pouches.
  • Isothermal ampoule case, with sufficient capacity for 66 vials.
  • Hidden trolley band.
  • Removable shoulder straps.
  • Ergonomic padded back panel.

Emergency Bag for Advance Life Support (ALS)

The Elite EMERAIR’S is a large format foldout bag that can double both as a backpack or adapted as a trolly bag (optional extra). With the capacity and dedicated compartments for oxygen therapy and airway control equipment, this bag perfectly suited for emergency first responders needing to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS).

A triple-leaf fold out interior provides excellent organisation with clear visibility of contents. Includes clear fronted, colour coded, zip pouches, large mesh pocket and straps for securing gas cylinders.

This rugged, durable bag with additional corrugated side protection and reinforced rubber handles is designed to endure the most demanding of environments, being the perfect companion bag for those needing to answer to critical life support calls

Its large capacity and layout is ideal to have quick access to the equipment required in different emergency scenarios.


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